Welcome to ShopAtHomeCabinets.com! As a full service materials supplier we give additional discounts for larger orders, local delivery, and installation. As such, we ask that you provide us with a list of the materials you need, a layout for our review, or request an appointment for an onsite consultation. This will give us the opportunity to lend our expertise to your design to ensure your order has everything it needs.

ShopatHomeCabinets.com is proud to present the three kitchen lines that we chose to carry as our primary supplier. Each of our suppliers were selected after a long process of elimination that we used to examine each of the areas fair priced suppliers. We find these three to offer the greatest savings and widest range of cabinetry to select from.

Starting with the Forevermark Cabinetry Line - You will find the most reasonable source for a higher quality cabinet that is far better priced than the box stores, while still offering their expensive upgrades as part of every one of our cabinet lines. For those on a tight budget or perhaps doing a rental property, and are looking for the least expensive option then we suggest the Country Oak. The all wooden cabinet is the most durable and hardy solution you can put in your home. If you are still budget conscious, but prefer cinnamon, cherry or espresso, we recommend the K Series with a cost that averages 30% below most of our other selections. This cabinet gives you a beautiful birch pillow edge raised panel which can be easily upgraded to soft close glides and doors. Forevermarkcabinetry.com also offers a selection of shakers and traditional raised panels both in a painted or stained product.

JKNewJersey.com is our premium maple wholesale supplier and a member of the JK Supply network located throughout the United States. The JK product lines offer some of the deepest richest stains as well as an exquisite line of maple cabinets. You will find such unique cabinetry as the maple, white and espresso shakers are two of the most popular cabinet lines on the market today. If you are looking for a very classic look then we recommend the Majestic Creme Maple Glaze which is the number one selection offered by JKNewJersey.com. If you are looking for a truly deep stain, then we suggest the Mocha Glaze, the Cinnamon, the Chocolate or the absolutely exquisite Mahogany Maple as your best choice to build your dream kitchen on a fair budget.

CNCAssociates.com - CNC Associates offers infinite possibilities in both framed and frameless cabinets. These cabinet lines are designed with an eye on innovation and functionality, while still achieving the kitchen of your dreams at a budget that is not a nightmare. Offering such deep rich colors as the Fashion Bordeaux for those who love a cherry cabinet to the Bristol, Alexandria and the Sydney for those who like a little lighter stained all wooden cabinet. For customers with a more contemporary vision, we suggest the Classic Series offering white shakers and contemporary flat panels. Lastly, we suggest the Alexandria Cabinet Line for those with a more traditional mindset.

Whichever of our cabinet lines catches your eye, you can rest assured that each of our suppliers have been thoroughly tested and have always provided the highest quality cabinetry while maintaining the highest standards in customer service.

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The following guide highlights the planning of your kitchen that should be both functional and attractive, the follow are very imporatant.

1. Dimensions of the room, Width X Length, as well as ceiling height, also indicate any half-wall, or closets that may make contact with our cabinet run.

2. Indicate all breaks, (include width, and note what it is: a window, door or pass-through), measuring a distance from their closet corner; don't forget to add 3" on each side for moldings, if the opening has molding around it. Remeber, show measurments from corners

3. Indicate permenent appliances (including their widths, this is very important. For example refrigerators can be 30" 33" or 36"), your range as well (a standard range is generally 30" wide), also include any vents etc..

4. Indicate, sinks, and additional plumbing, such as waterlines, dishwashers (include their width, standard dishwashers are 24")

5. Please indicate any islands, or breakfast bars/ peninsula's

6. Please indicate the length of the cabinet run from the corner to the end of the run, also indicate any countertop over hang that you desire, such as a stool area on a center island, please do not exceed 12” overhang.

7. Please indicate if the space between the top of your cabinet and the ceiling is open or enclosed (how much room there is between), if open indicate if you would like crown molding or a plate rail.

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