What Is A 10X10 Kitchen?

This order is made up with a sink base 30, a base 12”, a base 27, a Blind base corner 48”, a wall 3012, a wall 1230, 2 wall 2430, a wall 2730, a wall 3612, a wall diagonal corner 2430, a base filler 3” and dishwasher panel. Additional cabinets are available. The cabinets in this order can be exchanged for cabinets of equal value to allow for customizing of space.

Submit your cabinet list for a custom quote. Cabinetry is available in 3" increments from 12" to 42".

We have many styles and sizes available at our store. RTA Cabinets are shipped unassembled. Assembly is available at an additional charge. Local Pick-up available for a 10% discount.