PRO100 Notes

PRO100 Website Notes



Step 1 – Download Pro100 Demo

Step 2 – Open new project and skip customer’s registration (hint: the demo model does not save your information or plans).

Step 3 – Set ceiling height to where the top of your upper cabinets will hang.

Hint: A countertop is 36” tall. The space between the countertop and the bottom of the uppers is 18,” so 30” uppers hang at 84”, 36” uppers hang at 90” and 42” uppers hang at 96”.

Step 4 – Set your room dimensions. If you need to change them or correct your ceiling height at the end of the process, go to the room properties under file.

Step 5 – Open catalog, under tool  select American Frame work in plan perspective (in perspective you can click and drag view).

Step 6 – Drag and set cabinet – remember to watch for trim – if it is in the way on your plan you will not be able to move your cabinets or furniture around it as it will be blocking you from being able to move the items. Start by setting your corner base cabinet – try to use a Lazy Susan and if you choose to use a blind base, you will need a 3” filler where the other run meets your base.

Step 7  - Drag the next base into place, rotate cabinet to meet your needs, right click to rotate.

Step 8 – Set your appliances, as you need them. They are located under objects. 

Step 9 – Insert 5” filler – Insert 3” and change to 5”.

Step 10 – Grab a countertop and pull it to the center of the room – right click and change dimension from 24” wide to 5” wide. Hint: It is easiest to set this in the perspective view.

Step 11 – Select a sink base, drag and click then pull over the sink and put it against the wall next to the sink base. Change to perspective and set your sink into place.

Step 12 – Set your dishwasher – just drag and click.

Step 13 – Install refrigerator. Select refrigerator, rotate in and reduce the width in dimensions to correct size and reduce the height to 70” 

Unless you are adding an island, your base cabinets are done. If adding an island, do it after the wall and use the snip it tool on your computer to clip the picture for an unobstructed view of the fronts.

Step #14 – Select your cabinet height and drag and click your corner cabinet into place. Just bump the ceiling to walls.

Step #15 – Hang your upper cabinet run (Hint: remember to make your cabinet over the stove, sink and refrigerator 12” for 30” upper, 18” for 36” upper and most lines use 21” for 42” uppers).

Hint: Place your refrigerator tight against the base cabinets to set your next upper since it will make a clean line vertically.

Step #16 – Install a window in objects. To make it easier, make the window 1 ½” deep, adjust dimensions and drag into place.

Step #17 – Go to file and open room properties, correct your ceiling height.

Step #18 Drag your picture to a center view and snip it, name it and save it to your computer.

Do the same thing for plan and wall runs as needed. Hint: Remember; tall cabinets that go to the ceiling must be built on site. Doors must be wide enough to get the cabinet in the house.